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Our partners are former investment bankers, capital markets participants, former and current founders of companies that have successfully created returns for their stakeholders.

Bojan Krasic

Fern Turner

Milos Masnikosa


Integrity and transparency is in our core. We invest our and our collaborators’ capital in early stage or growth stage companies. From there we continue to work with the companies as they execute their business strategy, seek further capital, and help with exit strategy or liquidity events.We also advise on corporate structure, governance, introduce intermediary administrative services so our partners can focus on business development.


Our network of collaborators spans across Canada, mainly in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. This reach further expands into the U.S. and Europe.


We get involved in early stage investments where value path to exit or liquidity is identified. We get involved in advisory work any time we feel we can work with management and provide value. We introduce companies to our network of collaborators to aid in execution of business development.


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